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Save ₹100.00Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Hair Fall ControlShop Onion Hair Oil
Save ₹100.00Buy Keshpallav Hair Oil for Hair GrowthKeshpallav Hair Oil for Hair Growth - certification
Save ₹150.00Anti-Hairfall Kit with Instant Water SoftenerAnti-Hairfall Kit with Instant Water Softener
Save ₹400.00Anti Hairfall KitAnti Hairfall Kit
Save ₹126.00Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Hair GrowthCold Pressed Castor Oil  2
Save ₹100.00Maha Bhringraj Hair OilShop Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil
Save ₹209.00Combo 4: Keshpallav Hair Oil + Neem Wood CombCombo 4: Keshpallav Hair Oil + Neem Wood Comb
On saleShakuntala Daily Use Hair ShampooShakuntala Daily Use Hair Shampoo
Save ₹401.00Avimee Herbal Hair Care Gift BoxAvimee Herbal Hair Care Gift Box
Save ₹100.00Scalptone Hair Growth Serum With NansylScalptone Hair Growth Serum With Nansyl
Save ₹400.00Keshpallav Plus Daily Hair Oil for Hair GrowthKeshpallav Plus Daily Hair Oil for Hair Growth
Save ₹100.00Shakuntala Moisturizing Hair Shampoo With Hyaluronic AcidShakuntala Moisturizing Hair Shampoo With Hyaluronic Acid


Hair Fall Control Oils

Buy Avimee Herbal's Hair fall control oils. We have different oils that help control hair loss like -

  • Avimee Herbal Onion Oil
  • Avimee Herbal Kespallav oil
  • Cold pressed Almond oil for hair loss control
  • Mahabhringraj Hair Oil
  • Hair tone pv 1 scalp spray
  • Our Anti hairfall kit

For Best results, you may combine Keshpallav oil and Hairtone pv 1 sclap spray for faster results.

Worried about hair loss? Ditch the chemicals and embrace nature's bounty with Avimee Herbal's Hair Fall Control collection. The potent Ayurvedic solutions will help you fight hair loss

Our hero:

Keshpallav Hair Oil, a best-seller packed with rosemary, castor, amla, and bhringraj to combat hair fall and promote healthy growth.

Not your average onion rings:

Our Onion Hair Oil harnesses the power of red, black, yellow, and green onion seeds to strengthen strands and boost growth.

The Anti Hairfall Kit combines Keshpallav Hair Oil with a natural DHT-blocking scalp spray and water softener for a multi-pronged attack on hair loss.

Go natural, go pure:

Nourish your hair with the goodness of 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil. It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids for hair growth.

Bhringraj to the rescue:

Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is powered by 4 bhringraj herbs and helps in fortifying hair roots and prevents hair fall.

Embrace the power of nature. Choose Avimee Herbal. Choose healthy, beautiful hair.

Which oil is best for hair fall control?

Rosemary hair oil (for hair growth and hairfall control), and Onion hair oil for hairloss control is best if you have oily hair and keshpallav hair oil (and rosemary oil) works with all hair types.
Other options like castor oil for hair fall and mahabhring raj oils can be used based on individual concerns.