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Our Story

We are a team of family members, led by our nanaji. We broke all stereotypes & stood against all odds to come out as a winner.

Who We Are?

Nana Ji was an avid researcher and an Ayurveda enthusiast since his childhood. He was so keenly interested in Ayurveda that he would look for treatments for any health problems in Ayurveda. He believed that Ayurveda had a permanent cure for the majority of health problems. Interestingly, he had a collection of over 2500 books related to Ayurveda in his home library in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

So when 30 years ago his wife Shakuntala Devi was diagnosed with diabetes and had acute foot ache, Nanaji decided to use his knowledge of Ayurveda in finding a cure for Nani Ji’s pain. He went on to invent a miracle massage oil (Ortho CP Massage Oil) that helped relieve naniji of her foot ache.

A few years later he encountered a sudden increase in his hair fall. He once again looked towards Ayurveda to find a cure & the recipe for a hair oil was formulated. But, there were a few inconsistencies in the effectiveness during his first attempt at making the oil. And being engrossed in his textile business, Nanaji couldn’t find time to modify & improve the formula.

His research was still on. Whenever he had time, he read books on Ayurveda and experimented with herbs at home. Nanaji spent over two decades & filled thousands of pages with his research.

After the covid wave, his daughter Vinita noticed a steep rise in her hair fall. That’s what motivated Nanaji in concocting a solution for hair fall problem of his daughter. According to Nanaji, “The motive behind making the hair oil was to save my daughter from facing the stigma of not having hair just as I faced for my baldness.”

This gave Nanaji the spark to utilize his knowledge and research in developing an effective solution for hair fall. Little did Nanaji know that the knowledge that he acquired over 25 years was about to culminate into a ‘Miracle’ product.

Nanaji gave attention to minute detail and fetched the ingredients from around the country. He made sure the ingredients came from the right place and were of the highest quality. After processing & conducting trials, the oil was ready. The formula used was effective & unbeatable.


Seeing the results on himself and his daughter Nanaji distributed it to family & friends. Everybody appreciated him for the results. Eventually Nanaji and his daughter started selling through Instagram, with only 1 motive जनकल्याण.

When his inspiring story was shared on social media by his granddaughter-in-law, Nanaji became an overnight sensation & a superstar. An idea that popped out from a common man’s modest quest was now all over the internet & we began getting a massive following. When the testaments of the oil were shared on social media, numerous enquiries poured in. Thousands of people wanted to use the oil. And this gave birth to our brand AVIMEE HERBAL. And the rest, as they say, is history.

A common man at the age of 85 years achieved uncommon & unprecedented success through his grit & determination. Today, Avimee herbal’s products are well appreciated & recognised among its thousands of users. And what makes us stand out is our “Honesty”.