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Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil

Prevents Hairfall and Makes Hair Stronger | With Shweta, Peet and Neel Bhringraj | Mineral Oil Free
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Product Description

Avimee Herbal maha bhringraj herbal hair oil is a natural hair oil that is made with a blend of 4 Mahabhringraj varieties (sweta bhringraj, neel bhringraj, peet bhringraj and brahmi) that are known for their hair-boosting properties.

It is free of mineral oil and other harsh chemicals, making it safe for all hair types. This hair oil is best for treating dandruff, hairfall control and for hair nourishment.

Product Specs:

  • Oil price: Rs. 450/ bottle
  • Oil quantity: 100 ml
  • Certifications: Non-Toxic, FDA approved, Dermatologically tested, Cruelty Free
  • Safety: Free from sulphate, silicon, paraben, synthetic colour and fragrance, mineral oil
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  • hair_strength

    Strengthening Hair Avimee Herbal's Bhringraj Hair Oil contains a blend of Ayurvedic oils, including Bhringraj, that help strengthen hair from the roots. This promotes hair resilience, reduces breakage, and supports overall hair health.

  • aids_hair_growth

    Nourishing Scalp The natural oils in this hair oil, such as Coconut Oil and Brahmi Oil, deeply nourish the scalp. Regular use can help maintain a healthy scalp, reducing issues like dryness, itching, and dandruff.

  • hair_repair

    Enhancing Hair Texture This hair oil can improve the texture of your hair, making it softer and more manageable. It also adds a natural shine to your locks, enhancing their overall appearance.

Key Ingredients

Shweta Bhringraj Oil, Neel Bhringraj Oil, Peet Bhringraj Oil, Brahmi Oil, Mandukparni Oil, Coconut Oil, BHT

  1. Bhringraj_Oil

    Shweta Bhringraj Oil Shweta Bhringraj, also known as White Bhringraj, is renowned for its hair-rejuvenating properties. It is believed to promote hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, and prevent hair loss. Shweta Bhringraj Oil may also help improve hair texture and reduce premature greying.

  2. ingredient2

    Neel Bhringraj Oil Neel Bhringraj, or Blue Bhringraj, is a variant of Bhringraj that is highly valued in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is known for its ability to nourish the scalp, improve hair quality, and promote hair growth. Neel Bhringraj Oil is often used to address dandruff and dry scalp conditions.

  3. bhringraj_oils

    Peet Bhringraj Oil Peet Bhringraj, or Yellow Bhringraj, is another variation of this herb. It is believed to have cooling properties and is traditionally used to soothe scalp irritation and reduce inflammation. It may contribute to a healthier scalp environment.

  4. ingredient4

    Brahmi Oil Brahmi, also known as Bacopa monnieri, is often included in hair oils for its potential benefits. It is thought to improve blood circulation to the scalp, strengthen hair roots, and reduce hair fall. Brahmi Oil may also help with the overall health of hair and scalp.

How To Use

Step 1 :Apply the oil evenly on hair & scalp by using finger tips.
Step 2 :Gently massage and leave it on for at least 2 hours.
Step 3 :Wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Repeat 2-3 times a week.


  • Strengthening Hair Roots
  • Enhancing Hair Thinckness
  • Soothing Scalp Irritation


Avimee Herbal's Bhringraj Hair Oil is recommended for individuals who are looking to address various hair.Also for scalp concerns and others who seeking a natural and Ayurvedic solution. It is particularly beneficial for:

Those with Weak or Damaged Hair: Individuals experiencing hair weakness, breakage, or damage can benefit from this oil's strengthening properties. It helps fortify hair from the roots, making it more resilient.

People with Dry or Itchy Scalp: If you have a dry, itchy, or irritated scalp, this hair oil's nourishing ingredients can help soothe and hydrate the scalp, reducing discomfort.

Those Dealing with Hair Fall: If you're experiencing hair fall or thinning, regular use of this oil can help reduce hair loss by strengthening hair follicles and promoting healthier growth.

Individuals Aiming for Healthier Hair: Even if you don't have specific hair concerns, Avimee Herbal's Bhringraj Hair Oil can be used as a preventive and maintenance treatment to keep your hair in optimal condition, enhancing its texture and shine.

People Seeking Natural Hair Care: This hair oil is suitable for those who prefer natural and chemical-free hair care products. It is formulated with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and additives.

It's important to note that individual results may vary, so it's advisable to perform a patch test before using any new hair product, especially if you have sensitive skin or known allergies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Richa Sharma
Best hair oil ever

I love all the products from Amivee herbal. Maha bhringraj hair oil is one of the product i have tried. It have given me amazing results and i am so happy with the product. It has worked wonder to my hair and given me noticeable improvement. I am in love with all the products by Amivee herbal.

Thomas .

Not yet starting using it so belive it is still the best

Lavanya Kantipudi




Axita .

Nice oil


How does Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil help in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth?

Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil is enriched with the goodness of Bhringraj, known for its effectiveness in reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth. The oil penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishing the roots and strengthening hair strands. Regular use helps revitalize hair follicles, leading to reduced hair fall and promoting the growth of healthier, thicker hair..

What makes Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil different from other hair oils available in the market?

Avimee hair oil stands out due to its authentic blend of pure Bhringraj and other natural ingredients, free from any synthetic additives or harmful chemicals. We adhere to traditional preparation methods, ensuring the oil retains its natural potency. This commitment to purity and quality makes our oil exceptionally effective and safe for all hair types.

What are the main benefits of using Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil?

Avimee Herbal Maha Bhringraj Oil is designed to nourish your scalp, promote hair growth, and prevent hair fall. Its natural ingredients, including Bhringraj, help in strengthening hair roots and improving hair texture.

How to use Avimee Herbal Mahabhringraj Oil?

For best results, gently massage the oil into your scalp in circular motions, ensuring it covers the entire scalp. Leave it on for at least an hour or overnight for deeper nourishment. Using a warm towel to wrap your hair after oiling can enhance absorption. Regular use, combined with a healthy diet and proper hair care routine, maximizes the benefits.

Are you selling on Amazon/ Flipkart?

Yes, we are available on all the leading marketplaces in India.

How often should I use this hair oil for the best results?

For optimal results, we recommend using the hair oil at least twice a week. Massage it gently into your scalp and leave it on for a few hours or overnight before washing.

Is Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil suitable for all hair types?

Yes, our hair oil is formulated to be suitable for all hair types, including curly, straight, thick, or fine hair. Its natural composition makes it safe and beneficial for everyone.

Is avimee mahabhringraj oil safe for use on colored or chemically treated hair?

Absolutely! Avimee Herbal hair oil is gentle and safe for all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair. Its natural composition helps in repairing damage caused by chemical treatments, restoring the natural health and shine of your hair.

Where can I find maha bhringraj herbal hair oil review?

You can find genuine customer reviews and testimonials on our website under the product section, as well as on various social media platforms and online retail sites where our product is available. These reviews reflect the real experiences of users who have benefited from our hair oil.

What is the best way to store mahabhringraj hair oil, and what is its shelf life?

To maintain the oil's efficacy, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The shelf life of our hair oil is 24 months, and we recommend using it within this period to experience its full benefits.

Can can mahabhringraj oil regrow hair?

mahabhringraj Oil can aid in hair regrowth for some users, particularly when hair loss is due to factors like stress, nutritional deficiencies, or scalp issues. Its natural ingredients stimulate the scalp and nourish hair follicles, potentially encouraging hair regrowth. However, effectiveness may vary, especially in cases of genetic hair loss. Regular use and a healthy lifestyle can enhance results.

Is Bhringraj hair oil good for white hair?

Yes, Bhringraj oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda to support natural hair color and prevent premature greying. It may help maintain your hair's natural color and luster.


  1. The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
  2. Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
  3. In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
  4. All images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual results may vary.
  5. For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place.

Additional Information


24 months from the date of manufacture


Avimee Herbal Pvt Ltd, 422/2, F-Building, Pandesera GIDC, Surat, Gujarat, 394221


Avimee Herbal Pvt Ltd, 422/2, F-Building, Pandesera GIDC, Surat, Gujarat, 394221