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Meet Our Founders

RK Choudhary

Nanaji is co-founder of Avimee Herbal. He is 86 years old and responsible for all the formulations.

Shakuntala Devi Choudhary

Naniji is co-founder of Avimee Herbal. She is 80 years old and was earlier responsible for handling production.

Vinita Agarwal

Vinita Agarwal is co-founder of Avimee Herbal and responsible for handling production.

Siddhant Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by eductaion, Siddhant is co-founder and brain behind Avimee.

Ambica Agarwal

Ambica is co-founder of Avimee and handles marketing.

Vibhor Agarwal

Vibhor is co-founder of Avimee and handles daily operations.

Avimee Herbal's Golden Circle


Nanaji started Avimee to cure the hair fall of his daughter. He researched and made the oil without thinking about the costs involved. He chose the best ingredients, used them in the right quatities and found the solution.


After tasting success Nanaji deep dived into the cosmetic industry. Nanaji found that cheap chemicals are being sold in fancy packagings by most brands in market. He was aghast to see the rampant commercialisation of Ayurveda. He decided he has to change this and revive people's confidence in ancient ayurveda. Thus, began Avimee with a grit to resolve peoples beauty issue with good quality ingredients in right quantities.


Nanaji now makes cosmetics combining knowledge gained from ancient ayurveda with modern medicine. Results are of utmost importance to him. With more than 82% 5star reviews across platforms he makes sure to give customer feedback utmost importance and continuously updates his formula.