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Avimee Herbal Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Avimee Herbal Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Fights Split Ends & Strengthens Hair | Enriched With Vitamin E | Mineral Oil Free | For Nourished Skin, Hair, and Scalp

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Product Description

Discover the natural beauty elixir that your hair has been craving with Avimee Herbal Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil. Our premium almond oil is a treasure trove of hair-loving nutrients, enriched with Vitamin E, and free from harmful mineral oils. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to stronger, more radiant hair!


  • Strengthens Hair The almond oil's essential fatty acids and Vitamin E work together to strengthen hair follicles, reducing breakage and promoting overall hair strength.

  • Fight Split Ends Regular use of this almond oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair, reducing the risk of split ends and leaving your locks looking healthier.

  • Enhances Shine It enhances the natural shine and luster of your hair, making it appear more vibrant and radiant.

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E

  1. Sweet Almond Oil Strengthens hair, fights split ends, enhances shine, and maintains a healthy scalp.

  2. Vitamin E Provides antioxidant protection, nourishes hair and scalp, and contributes to overall hair health and shine.

For Hair: Apply a small amount of Avimee Herbal Sweet Almond Oil to your scalp and hair, gently massaging it in. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight, then shampoo as usual for luxurious, nourished locks.

It is helpful in

  • Hair Strengthening
  • Fighting Split Ends
  • Enhancing Shine
  • Scalp Health

Avimee Herbal Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil enriched with Vitamin E is recommended for: Individuals with Hair Concerns: People looking to strengthen their hair, reduce split ends, and enhance hair shine. Chemical-Free Beauty Enthusiasts: Those seeking natural and chemical-free hair care solutions. Scalp Health Seekers: Individuals interested in maintaining a healthy scalp environment and reducing dryness and itchiness. Anyone Seeking Nourished Hair: People who want to nourish and moisturize their hair for a healthier and more radiant appearance. This versatile almond oil caters to a wide range of hair care needs and is suitable for all hair types, making it an excellent addition to your beauty routine. Whenever you start with a new product, please do a patch test first.

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Tanu Chaudhary
Must have for skin

It’s a must have for skin routine

genuine oil

Good for nourishing hair

Namrata Singh

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

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