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Article: Can Dandruff Cause Acne ?

Can Dandruff Cause Acne ?

Can Dandruff Cause Acne ?

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Dandruff and Acne are an unexpected duo. Imagine your scalp having secret conversations with your skin, leading to unwanted guests like dandruff and acne crashing your party.


Intriguingly, these two seemingly unrelated skin woes might be sharing more than just the bathroom mirror. Buckle up as we embark on this fascinating journey to decode their secret connection!

The Scientific Scoop to this duo?

Picture this: an overzealous yeast-like fungus called Malassezia throwing a scalp party, leading to unwanted flaky invitations landing on your face.

Sounds like a horror movie, right? Well, these flakes can clog pores, spark inflammation, and voila – acne enters the scene! 

What does Ayurveda, the ancient wisdom say about this duo?

Let's dive deep into Ayurveda, a treasure trove of ancient wisdom that offers a holistic roadmap to radiant skin, balanced energies, and a harmonious life.

Ayurvedic Lens: Darunaka and Yuvan Pidika


In the 5000 year old world of Ayurveda, dandruff (Darunaka) and acne (Yuvan Pidika) aren't mere external issues but manifestations of imbalanced energies or doshas. 


  • Excess Vata leads to rukshatwa (dryness, flakiness, and itching).
  • Aggravated Pitta can cause inflammation and irritation.
  • Kapha imbalance results in excessive oil production & clogged pores creating a conducive environment for dandruff-causing fungi. 


Think of Pitta and Kapha energies playing mischief, leading to skin dramas and breakouts.

Cause for this imbalance in doshas?

Well, Stress, improper diet and hormonal imbalance are your drivers to this horror movie!

Imagine your diet as a bustling marketplace filled with processed foods, sugars, and fried temptations. Well, it sets the stage for the Ama(toxin) buildup within your body! This toxic build-up disrupts digestion, metabolism, and the natural balance of your Rakta and Mala dhatu (blood & body tissues respectively), paving the way for dandruff and related woes. 

Can Ayurveda help?

Does Ayurveda have a solution? Let’s find out!

  • Start by embracing a Pitta Pacifying diet with cool potency herbs like cucumber, mint, and coriander. Add a sprinkle of bitter and astringent tastes, like neem, turmeric and amla as these purify the blood and detoxify the body! 
  • Add wonder herbs like neem, Amla and brahmi in your diet! Neem, with its antimicrobial prowess, battles fungal foes, while Amla and Brahmi detoxify, purify, and rejuvenate your skin from within.  
  • Consume 3-4 fresh neem leaves everyday morning. 
  • Add brahmi Ghrita: 1 ⁄ 2 teaspoon once a day after breakfast. 
  • Soak some Amla slices garnished with salt and turmeric, consume 3-4 slices every morning. 
  • Mix ½ tsp of Neem and amla powder in fuller’s earth(Multani Mitti) to make it into a thick paste. Apply this face pack twice a week.
  • Prioritize stress-free zones with meditation, yoga, and soul-soothing practices. Let your skin revel in Ayurvedic bliss! 

Nurturing both the scalp and skin:

While working on acne topically is good, make sure to also work on treating the dandruff.

Herbal oils such as Coconut, Sesame oil offer a remedy to soothe inflammation and restore equilibrium. A standout choice for combating dandruff is Dhurdhurapatradi thailam, twice a week. Herbs like Bhringraj, Jatamansi, amla and neem work amazingly well in treating the dandruff. You can always go for avimee herbal hair oils that is an appropriate combination of the best of these herbs.

Wondering about the proper oiling technique?

Start by warming the oil and then delicately massaging it from the roots to the tips for about 15 minutes. Allow the oil to work its wonders for approximately 2-3 hours before rinsing it off. But here's the golden rule: no overnight or extended stays for the oil! Keep it short, sweet, and oh-so-nourishing for your hair. Happy oiling! 

By intertwining modern insights with Ayurvedic wisdom, we've uncovered the secret conversations between dandruff and acne. Embrace holistic skincare rituals, harness the power of Ayurvedic herbs, and embark on a transformative journey to radiant skin, balanced energies, and a harmonious life. Ready to unlock your skin's mystical potential? Let Ayurveda be your guide to skin nirvana! 


Consult Ayurvedic practitioners for personalized guidance tailored to your unique skin story and holistic well-being. Embrace the synergy of modern and ancient wisdom for optimal skin health and vitality!

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