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Radha Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Moisturizer-cum-Conditioner | For Smooth & Frizz Free Hair | Intense Repair & Nourishing | 100% Natural Ingredients
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    Best of Ayurveda

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    Made In-House

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    Cruelty Free

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Product Description

Looking for the best moisturizing conditioner for dry hair? Look no further than Radha Moisturizing Hair Conditioner! Infused with natural ingredients, this conditioner provides deep hydration to transform your dry, lackluster hair.

Here's why Radha Moisturizing Hair Conditioner is perfect for dry hair:

  • Deep Hydration: Revitalizing apple cider vinegar, hibiscus, and aloe vera deeply penetrate hair strands, locking in moisture and leaving them feeling soft and smooth.
  • Frizz-Free Shine: Say goodbye to frizz! This conditioner detangles hair effortlessly and boosts shine for a healthy, manageable look.
    Nourishment and Strength: Each strand is nourished and protected, promoting stronger, healthier hair.
  • Natural Ingredients: Experience the difference of natural hair care with this gentle, sulfate-free formula.
  • Regular use of Radha Moisturizing Hair Conditioner will:Transform dry hair into a cascade of moisture and softness.
  • Leave hair strikingly shiny, smooth, and strong.
    Promote overall hair health.For dry hair that looks and feels its best, choose Radha Moisturizing Hair Conditioner!
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  • hair_repair

    Root to Tip Hair Nourishment Unleash the revitalizing power of Triphala, a time-tested trio of fruits known to invigorate the scalp. Combined with the fortifying properties of Hibiscus and Methi, rich in nutrients and proteins, Radha Moisturizer and Conditioner is a perfect herbal blend to strengthen hair follicles from within to promote healthy growth and minimize breakage for visibly thicker, fuller hair.

  • Skin_Hydration

    Moisturing Oasis for Glossy Glow Say goodbye to dry and thirsty strands! In Radha Moisturizer and Conditioner, the nature's hydrating hero Aloe Vera teams up with Gallic acid to deeply quench your hair's thirst. These both dynamic ingredients locks in moisture to leave you with touchably soft, manageable locks radiating a healthy shine.

  • eyebrow_enhancement

    Nature's Kindness, No Chemicals Ditch the harsh lab-made chemicals; embrace the gentle touch of natural enzymes and ingredients. Radha Moisturizer and Conditioner is a soothing herbal blend free from irritants and potential allergens. Enjoy a calming caress to your hair while effectively cleansing and pampering every strand. Experience the difference of natural care, leaving your locks feeling refreshed and healthy without compromise.

Key Ingredients

Aloevera Juice, Tempus (Propylene Glycol (and) Apple cider vinegar (and) Arnica (and) Hibiscus (and) Triphala (and) 2 Methi (and) Kalonji (and) Galic acid (and) Ursolic Acid (and) Baccoside (and) Hibiscus (and) Tannin (and) Satavarin, Polyglyceryl-2 Stearate (and Glyceryl Stearate (and) Stearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride Polyquaternium-44, Polyquaternium 22, Sodium PCA, Betaine, Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate (and) Polyglyceryl-6 Laurate, Dipropylene Glycol (and) Polysilicone-29, Hyarulaunic Acid, Aqua (and) Glycerin (and) Trehalose (and) Urea (and) Serine (and) Pentylene Glycol (and) Glyceryl Polyacrylate (and) Algin (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sodium: Hyaluronate (and) Pullulan (and) Disodium Phosphate (and) Potassium Phosphate, Polyquaternium 7, Lactic Acid, D-Panthanol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, 2-Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexyl Glyc, Perfume, Polyquaternium 10, Guarhydroxy trimonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Sodium Gluconate

  1. Aloe_Vera

    Aloe Vera Aloe is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It soothes and moisturizes the scalp and reduces dryness and flakiness. The herb's proteolytic enzymes promote hair growth and repair damage. Also, it is rich in vitamins A, C, and E to nourish hair follicles for overall health.

  2. Triphala

    Triphala This herbal blend houses abandunce of vitamins A, C, and E, plus antioxidants and tannins. These Ayurveda herbs nourish the scalp and strengthens hair follicles while promoting healthy hair growth. Triphala is also known for its antibacterial properties to combat dandruff and itchiness offering you fullness.

  3. Galic_Acid

    Galic Acid Gallic acid is found in green tea and other plants. It is a powerful antioxidant that shields hair from UV damage and environmental stressors. This ingredient is found to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the scalp and strengthen every strand to prevent breakage.

  4. Chia_Seed

    Kalonji Kalonji are black cumin seeds known to have excellent source of thymoquinone and essential fatty acids. They help nourish hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Black cumin seeds are also known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties to fight dandruff and scalp issues. All in all, kalonji creates a healthy scalp environment for beautiful hair.

How To Use

How to Use Radha Moisturizing Conditioner

After washing hair, rinse out excess shampoo and water. Take out the adequate quantity of Radha Conditioner on the palm. You may rub the conditioner between both palms and massage mid-lengths to the ends of your hair skipping the scalp. Alternatively, you may use a wide-toothed comb. Wait 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Benefits of Radha Moisturizing Conditioner

  • Deeply hydrates & nourishes hair
  • Boosts ingredient absorption
  • Reduces frizz & promotes shine
  • Soothes & conditions with aloe vera
  • Ayurvedic herbs blended with modern ingredients for added benefit
  • Strengthens & revitalizes hair


Avimee HerbalRadha Moisturizing Conditioner is recommended for people with :

Dry, brittle hair

Dandruff-prone scalp

Hair growth concerns

Chemically treated hair

Sensitive scalp

Frizzy, unmanageable hair

Adding shine and luster

Seeking natural and sustainable haircare

Customer Reviews

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Can you put conditioner on dry hair?

Absolutely! While regular conditioner works best on damp hair, AviMee offers leave-in conditioners designed for dry hair. These lightweight formulas add moisture and detangle without weighing your hair down.

How does hair conditioner work?

Avimee, unlike shampoo that cleanses, our conditioners replenish moisture and smooth the hair strand. Cationic surfactants act like magnets, clinging to hair and flattening the cuticle for softness and shine. We offer various formulas to target your specific hair needs!

What is the best conditioner for wet or dry hair?

Avimee Herbal conditioners are perfect for both wet and dry hair! Our nourishing formulas detangle and hydrate, whether you use them in the shower or as a leave-in treatment for dry strands. Achieve soft, manageable hair with every use.

Can I apply hair conditioner without shampooing my hairs?

You can definitely try! A technique called "co-washing" uses conditioner to cleanse hair gently. It works well for dry or curly hair, but avoid it for oily hair as it can build up product. If you try co-washing, Avimee herbal recommends a clarifying shampoo every few weeks for a deeper clean.

How do I use a conditioner? Should I use it after shampoo?

Absolutely! Avimee herbal recommends using conditioner after shampooing. This helps cleanse your scalp and hair, then conditioner adds moisture and manageability, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Focus on applying conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots. Rinse thoroughly!


  1. The product contains natural ingredients & may change color and fragrance, without losing effectiveness.
  2. Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies. A patch test is recommended.
  3. In case of any rashes or allergy, please consult a specialist.
  4. All images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual results may vary.
  5. For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place.

Additional Information


24 months from the date of manufacture


Avimee Herbal Pvt Ltd, 422/2, F-Building, Pandesera GIDC, Surat, Gujarat, 394221


Avimee Herbal Pvt Ltd, 422/2, F-Building, Pandesera GIDC, Surat, Gujarat, 394221