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Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray

Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray

Natural DHT Blocker | With Saw Palmetto, Amla, Methi & Bhrinraj Extracts | Daily Nutrition For your Scalp & Hair

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Product Description

Elevate your hair care regimen with the transformative power of Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray. This unique formulation is your daily source of essential scalp and hair nutrition, enriched with a potent blend of botanical extracts, including Saw Palmetto, Amla, Bhringraj, Methi Daana, Harad, and Baheda. It is designed to be a natural DHT blocker, tackling the root causes of common hair concerns for a healthier, more vibrant mane.


  • Targeted Hair Concerns This scalp spray addresses common hair concerns such as dandruff, scalp dryness, and hair fall. Its comprehensive formula tackles these issues at their source, helping you achieve a healthier and more balanced scalp and hair.

  • Natural DHT Blocker The inclusion of Saw Palmetto extract in this scalp spray acts as a natural DHT blocker. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone associated with hair loss. By blocking DHT, this spray helps reduce hair fall and supports healthier, more robust hair growth.

  • Scalp and Hair Nutrition Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray provides essential daily nutrition to both the scalp and hair follicles. It nourishes the hair from the root, promoting overall hair health and vitality.

Coiffure, Tempus, Arnica Extract, Jaborandi Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Amla Extract, Bhringraj Extract, Methi Daana Extract, Harad Extract, Baheda Extract

  1. Saw Palmetto Extract Saw Palmetto is a natural DHT blocker, helping to reduce hair fall and support healthier hair growth. It's particularly beneficial for those experiencing hair thinning or pattern baldness.

  2. Amla Extract (Indian Gooseberry) Amla is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, promoting hair strength and shine. It also nourishes the scalp, reducing dandruff and preventing premature graying.

  3. Bhringraj Extract Bhringraj is known for its rejuvenating properties. It helps strengthen hair follicles, reduces hair fall, and promotes overall hair health.

  4. Methi Daana Extract (Fenugreek) Methi Daana is packed with proteins and essential nutrients that nourish hair follicles, making hair stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Apply the spray directly on a clean & dry scalp avoiding hair as much as possible. Let it dry and don't wash it off. Apply daily. For best results, use along with Avimee Herbal Keshpallav Hair Oil.

It is helpful in

  • Daily Scalp Nutrition
  • Targeted Hair Concern
  • Non Greasy and Refreshing
  • Natural DHT Blocker

Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray is recommended for: Individuals with Hair Concerns: It's ideal for individuals experiencing hair fall, dandruff, or scalp dryness, as it addresses these common concerns effectively. Those Seeking a Natural DHT Blocker: If you're looking for a natural solution to reduce hair fall and promote healthier hair growth, this scalp spray, with its Saw Palmetto extract, is a valuable choice. Anyone Aiming for Overall Hair Health: Whether you have specific hair concerns or simply want to maintain strong and vibrant hair, this scalp spray provides daily nutrition for healthier and more resilient hair. Men and Women: It is suitable for both men and women who are seeking natural and effective hair care. Patch Test Recommendation: Before applying the product to a larger area, it's advisable to perform a patch test to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities. Once confirmed, you can incorporate this scalp spray into your hair care routine. Avimee Herbal Hairtone PV 1 Scalp Spray offers a holistic approach to scalp and hair health, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of individuals while prioritizing safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 720 reviews
Amazing result, Must to buy product

AAmazing result, Must to buy product

hairtone pv 1 scalp spray

it's very good hair spray my sister is using it since last 2 months and the results are gorgeous

Suravi Maharana

It works amazing, my hair fall has reduced new hairs are growing. Lots of love to nanaji and yours wonderful team.

dindayal .
Zero effect

Hair fall continue no any effect after use

Anand Vaghela
DHT Block

this product is 100% work on DHT.

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