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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Size: 100 ml

• 100% Pure
• Unbleached & Un-refined
• Cold-Pressed

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What Is It ?

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Why To Use It ?

• Plays the perfect lip balm
• Acts as a moisturiser
• Nourishes cracked skin and cuticles
• Acts as a cleanser
• Acts as a hair conditioner
• It helps reduce the frizz
• Minimises dandruff

How To Use It ?

How To use:
As a Moisturizer - Mix 1 part of the oil with 3 parts of water. Apply evenly all over your body and massage gently.
As a Lip Balm – Apply the oil directly to your lips at night.
As a Lip Scrub – Mix equal quantity of oil with sugar. Scrub gently.
As a Dental Aid – By swishing the oil for 10 minutes daily in the morning to fight harmful bacteria, plaque, caries and gum diseases.
As a Hair Oil- Apply the oil on scalp and hair and massage gently.

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